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Overview of Blog

The Illative Blog is a blog aimed at generating discussion on issues facing agriculture and rural communities. Entries draw inferences on how current events and issues related to agriculture may affect the future of the industry. Authors for the blog include members of the KIS Executive, academia, and our partner organizations. However, we welcome anyone with an interest in the future of the agriculture industry to submit a posting idea for review or development.

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The term "illative" means "having or relating to the nature of inference". The KIS Project has adopted a belief that a goal of any individual or organization is to try and "see" into the future to adapt and prepare for that future and even influence it. The future is uncertain and can never be fully known, instead we make inferences about it. Inferences can be based on what has happened to date, and although they cannot be used to fully inform about the future, they are useful in deciding how to adapt and position oneself. The Illative Blog’s entries include inferences to assist organizations and individuals connected to agriculture in developing views and inferences of their own so that we can all be better prepared for the ever-changing environment.


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